Institute of Diplomacy University of Qaran (UOQ)
What is Diplomacy
What is diplomacy?
a) Diplomatic Recognition
b) Diplomatic immunity
c) Diplomatic Espionage
d) The Diplomatic Resolution of Problems
e) Informal Diplomacy
f) Paradiplomacy
g) Cultural Diplomacy
h) Small State Diplomacy
i) Diplomatic Training Institutions
Diplomats and Diplomatic Missions
History of Early Diplomacy
a) Classical Greece Diplomacy
b) European Diplomacy
c) Asia Diplomacy
Roots of modern diplomacy
The Modern Diplomacy
The Civil Diplomacy
The Military Diplomacy
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The Military Diplomacy


The Military Diplomacy


A military diplomacy is to use the opposite of a civil diplomacy when a country’s civil diplomacy is able to deal with national, regional and international security for the country.


A military diplomacy is alternative to comply with your country’s political and economic needs such as trade, and it was mainly used by ancient superpower countries which were likable to implement dictatorial military diplomacy.


Military diplomacy is also used in war time when the country is under war because it’s easier for the government to enlist young people to join the arm forcibly so that they can serve their beloved nation.


It’s widely used in war time, and the government has to implement military diplomacy. Even if it’s a civilian government then it must also use military diplomacy in order to force nationals for army recruitment therefore, they may defend their nation from the enemies.


A military diplomacy has been practiced by ancient civilizations such Greeks, Egyptian Pharaohs, Othman Empire and Chinese dynasties.